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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Launch of our weekly blog

Hey DoD-maniacs!

From now on you can follow our weekly blog. Every week we will supply you with news and information about Dawn of Disease. So here is the first one:

This week we started to get into an intensive phase of songwriting. As we have no concerts in July and booked the studio for winter we decided to concentrate on new songs, arrange them and in general work on them. At the moment we are writing many e-mails filled with new songs and ideas for the coming album.

On Saturday Mathias and Lukas met in order to check out some new songs and collect ideas for the drums. During our rehearsal on Monday we worked on two brand-new songs and you can be shure that they are really ass-kicking and brutal as fuck!

Moreover we got some nice, good-looking Noise Art Records shirts from our label.

Take a look at these handsome guys!    

And we managed to improve the interior of our rehearsal room by putting our backdrop behind the drumset.

What a goddamn Death Metal drumset!!!

More information will follow soon so stay tuned to Dawn of Disease!

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease

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