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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Honour to the winner of our special giveaway!

During one of our rehearsals last week, we prepared everything for the winner of our competition.
We have been looking for the evilest/most brutal/funniest/craziest way of torture and Jan Euteneuer did it by posting the following:

     “You sit in a room and must watch your mama have sex with Justin Bieber for hours, while a   
       endless loop of Rebecca Black's "Friday" is running the whole time. And the only way to
       end this is to cut your dick off and down it with warm, french beer.“

In our opinion this would be the worst way of torture with nearly no way to survive.
So lucky Jan will get a Dawn of Disease fan-package from hell, including some useful stuff like

1x signed “Legends of Brutality” CD
1x signed poster
1x Dawn of Disease shirt white
1x Dawn of Disease shirt black
1x pair of signed drumsticks
1x signed drumhead


1x ash from hell, touched by satan himself.

You better do not ask us how we got the latter thing.

Here is a picture of us shortly after having signed everything:

See you guys!

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease

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