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Monday, 27 June 2011

Back from the mud!

Hey everyone!
We are back from the Death Feast and here is a short report for you:

At about 9 o’clock in the morning we met at our rehearsal room in order to pick up our equipment. Then we started our journey to Hünxe where the Death Feast took place.
The weather was quite good but during our travel on the highway it went worse and worse. It was raining like mad which really sucked. But nevertheless we hoped that it would get better until we arrive.

Unfortunately it did not and the whole location was turning into a huge pit of mud. But that did not worsen our mood because we wanted to play a real kick-ass death metal show regardless of the wheather.
Shortly after our arrival we took a look at the area and ate a small snack. In addition we made some promotion for our show by giving flyer to people and hanging up some poster. Our stagetime was at 3.30 pm and we decided to relax a bit in the backstage tent. However the relaxation was interrupted very soon as we got to know that Resistance, who had to play right before us, cancelled their show. So while By Brute Force were playing their show we had to prepare to go on stage earlier than scheduled.

Fastly we loaded out our equipment and prepared for the show. Sadly there was no opportunity to tell everyone that our stage slot changed so we expected that there would be not that many people in front of the stage. But somehow we were mistaking. As we started our show more and more people came and watched us. It must at least have been 300 or more, which is, regarding the heavy rain, a huge number. We really appreciate that and would like to thank everyone who was that brave to come to our show! Horns up!

The show itself was really great and it was very amusing to see some people wrestling in the mud-pit in front of the stage. It would be really interesting to know how they became clean again, surely the rain did its work.
After the show we talked to some fans who told us that the sound in front of the stage was quite marvellous. That was good to hear.

We fetched us some nice cold beer in order to moisten our dry throats and hungry as we always are, we went to the festival ground and ate a small snack again. Furthermore we met some of our mates from Lay Down Rotten, who were visiting the festival. Some minutes later also members of Sudden Death and The Splatter And Gore Department appeared to chat some few words with us.

Later we looked for some merchandise and also talked to some of our fans. At 6 o’clock in the evening it was dinner time. We sat down in the backstage tent and ate some really delicious food. Afterwards we decided to drive home because the weather was not getting better.
About one and a half hours later we arrived at Osnabrück, put our equipment in the rehearsal room and talked a bit about the day.

In conclusion we can say, that despite the weather we had much fun at the Death Feast, which is mainly due to all of our fans whom the rain could not bother and who gave us good feedback during and after the show. You rule! Thanks to everyone of you!

Some photos will follow in the next days! 

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Metalfest 2011 (Switzerland, Germany, Austria)

Thursday (26.05.2011):
After meeting at our rehearsal room we loaded everything we needed for our short METALFEST-tour into our tour vehicle and started the engines towards Southern Germany. Late at night we arrived in Müllheim, where our hotel was located.

Friday (27.05.2011):

Getting up was just as hard as usual and after having an awesome breakfast we continued our journey with destination Pratteln, Switzerland. As we were not that good in time we only had some few minutes to prepare for the changeover and the soundcheck.

The following show on the open air stage was really great and surprisingly there were some people in front of the stage, although it was around 1.30 pm. That totally rocked and we had a great time on stage.
Afterwards we checked out the whole location, took some pictures and met some of our fans. Soon we got hungry and decided to look for the catering. A very friendly woman who was responsible for the food made us a fresh meal which was one of the tastiest we ever ate.
Filled up with that tasty food we packed in some good Swiss beer and walked to our tour van.
We really would have liked to stay a little longer and to watch some other bands but unfortunately time was short and a long journey lied ahead of us. So we left Pratteln - or at least tried to. Somehow Switzerland did not want us to leave as we were caught in a traffic jam in the city of Basel which took us about an hour. With that delay we hit the road to Eastern Germany. At around 2 o'clock in the morning we arrived at our hotel.

Saturday (28.05.2011):
After a short breakfast we started our ride to Dessau. We took a short break to buy some food and drinks and went into a record store in order to check out if our cd was available. And of course it was! Fortunately stage time in Dessau was in the evening and there was no need to hurry.

Nevertheless we continued to drive to Dessau and after some minutes we were already there. Impressed by the huge festival area we took the time we had to walk around, look for some shirts and make some promotion for our show by hanging up some poster and giving some flyer to the people.
In the afternoon we had a nice meal and at 6 pm our signing session started. Even tough right after us it was Saxon's turn to sign, there where many people interested in talking to us and getting some signed poster and autograph cards. Thanks to all of you who came to us!
Parallel to our signing session Misery Index played an awesome gig which we were able to see from the side. They really kicked ass!

Time went on very quickly and we ended the signing session after about one hour in order to start preparing for the show which should take place on the second stage in the tent.
Some minutes before we ought to be on stage we got the message that Onslaught, who should have been playing right after us, cancelled their show.
This was of course a sad fact but a good chance for us, because we were given the opportunity to start a bit later and play two more songs. So with some minutes delay we started our show. And something happened which we really did not expect: While playing our set the tent became more and more full and the people in front of the stage were going crazy as hell! It must have been at least 1,500 fans celebrating our music! That was an indescribable feeling to play a show in front of such a huge audience. Thanks to each and everyone who was there and supported us! You guys rule!

Filled with adrenaline we left the stage and if there had been the possibility we would played on the rest of the night! Past this successful show we put our equipment in our van and chatted a few words with the Secrets Of The Moon guys, who have been playing the Metalfest in Austria the day before. They told us that the weather down there was very rainy. We hoped that this would change until the next day.
The rest of the evening we spent with having a midnight snack and watching some Saxon. Then we started our trip to Bavaria. It was a pretty long night and at 6 in the morning we arrived at our hotel in Bad Griesbach.

Sunday (29.05.2011):
The "night" was rather short. After only about five hours of sleep we skipped the breakfast and started the day with some nice steaks and schnitzel. That gave us the strength to drive to the festival ground in Austria. And thankfully there was no rain - quite the contrary, the weather was wonderful.
Again due to Onslaught's cancellation our stagetime was delayed and so we took the time to check out the area and look for some merchandise.
In addition we watched some of the other bands. With enough time we prepared for our show which should take place on the tent stage. Inside of the tent there was an unimaginable heat and everyone was sweating like mad! But that did neither stop us from playing an awesome show nor our fans from giving us good feedback! Thank you guys for being with us in
sweat-filled ecstasy!
After the show we needed to cool down and what could help better than some tasty beers? Right, nothing! So we walked to the backstage catering tent and ate some delicious food and drank some cool beer. It was the first time during that weekend we did not have to travel on to another venue. So we could just relax, drink some beer and talk with some other bands. We were really sad that we had to travel back to our hotel, because we would have liked to stay there eternally. But the next day we had to drive back home. However none of us was tired so we partied a bit in one of our hotel rooms, drank some beer, watched some of the videos we made during the weekend and did some beer-can-rolling in the basement garage of the hotel.

Monday (30.05.2011):
Again we had a very short night which was not that bad, because we had to travel back home anyway. We packed in some breakfast from the bufffet and started the journey to Osnabrück. After a long way we arrive late in the evening.

All in all it really was a great weekend and an amazing experience for everyone of us. Thanks to all of our fans who came to our shows, supported us and went crazy!
See you next time on the road!!!

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease

(a short video-trailer)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dawn of Disease got a blog!

Hey everyone! Right now you can also follow our blog. We will update it regularly so stay tuned!