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Friday, 29 July 2011

Dawn of Disease – New song at Party.San Open Air!

Hey Metalheads!

We are proud to announce that we will play a brand-new song at Party.San Open Air!
After working on several new songs we decided to not longer keep it a secret and present one of them to you. And what could be a better occasion than the Party.San Open Air?!
You better prepare for a straight in-your-face death metal neckbreaker that will rip your head off!

We have uploaded a short trailer to give you an impression of what awaits you:

Moreover the running order is online, you can check it out right here: 

We will play at 12 pm as the first band on the main stage. So get up early to check out some ass-kicking death metal. There is nothing better in the morning!
After our show there will also be a signing session at 2 pm where you can get some signed poster and autographs, chat some few words with us and have a beer or two.

Another special thing for you at Party.San Open Air is that we made a limited edition of hoodies. We really just have a small amount so be quick to get yours!

Here is a picture of it:



We are very much looking forward to the Party.San Open Air!

See you there!

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease

Friday, 22 July 2011

Dawn of Disease at Turock Open Air 2011

Hey everyone!

We have good news for you!
Beside our concert at the Bloodline Festival on 3rd September with Asphyx, Disbelief, Loudblast and Fallen Saints in our hometown Osnabrück we have another show confirmed:

We will play at the Turock Open Air in Essen! In front of the famous metal club at the Viehofer Platz there will be an Open Air stage where the festival takes place.
The date is 16th and 17th September. We will play on Saturday, 17th September.

We are very much looking forward to it because we will share the stage with Vesania, Hate and again Disbelief.
You are all invited to join us in a great day of extreme metal!

And now comes the best: THE ENTRY IS FREE!!!
You do not have to pay for this show!

Here is the current flyer of the open air:

Two nice days of metal!

Here you can see us how excited we are and how much we are looking forward to our show:

Excited as(s) fuck!

 Take this great opportunity to visit an open air festival for free!


See you there!!!

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Honour to the winner of our special giveaway!

During one of our rehearsals last week, we prepared everything for the winner of our competition.
We have been looking for the evilest/most brutal/funniest/craziest way of torture and Jan Euteneuer did it by posting the following:

     “You sit in a room and must watch your mama have sex with Justin Bieber for hours, while a   
       endless loop of Rebecca Black's "Friday" is running the whole time. And the only way to
       end this is to cut your dick off and down it with warm, french beer.“

In our opinion this would be the worst way of torture with nearly no way to survive.
So lucky Jan will get a Dawn of Disease fan-package from hell, including some useful stuff like

1x signed “Legends of Brutality” CD
1x signed poster
1x Dawn of Disease shirt white
1x Dawn of Disease shirt black
1x pair of signed drumsticks
1x signed drumhead


1x ash from hell, touched by satan himself.

You better do not ask us how we got the latter thing.

Here is a picture of us shortly after having signed everything:

See you guys!

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Launch of our weekly blog

Hey DoD-maniacs!

From now on you can follow our weekly blog. Every week we will supply you with news and information about Dawn of Disease. So here is the first one:

This week we started to get into an intensive phase of songwriting. As we have no concerts in July and booked the studio for winter we decided to concentrate on new songs, arrange them and in general work on them. At the moment we are writing many e-mails filled with new songs and ideas for the coming album.

On Saturday Mathias and Lukas met in order to check out some new songs and collect ideas for the drums. During our rehearsal on Monday we worked on two brand-new songs and you can be shure that they are really ass-kicking and brutal as fuck!

Moreover we got some nice, good-looking Noise Art Records shirts from our label.

Take a look at these handsome guys!    

And we managed to improve the interior of our rehearsal room by putting our backdrop behind the drumset.

What a goddamn Death Metal drumset!!!

More information will follow soon so stay tuned to Dawn of Disease!

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease