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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Studi Blog Day 18 - Recordings finished!


Yesterday Tomasz completed the last vocals and right now we are finished with all recordings!

Evil Invader Tomasz!

Now it is Jörgs turn to mix and master the new album.
He will start the week after next as he is on a plane to America just in this moment in order to visit the cruise of 70,000 Tons of Metal. What a lucky guy!

On monday we will start preparing for our next show which is on 17th February in Bastard Club Osnabrück.

Hope to see you there!

Have a nice weekend and stay tuned!


Dawn of Disease

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 17 - Chainsaw Death Metal Vocal Massacre From Hell!!!

An evil "uuuuaaaaaarrrgh" to all of you!

Tomasz recorded the next three songs today.
It definitely sounds completely brutal!

In order to increase the growling Jörg helped Tomasz, as you can see on the picture.
It was a real Bloodbath!!!


Prepare for some Death fucking Metal!!!


Dawn of Disease

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 16 - More vocals

Today Tomasz continued to record some vocals.

And of course death metal growling needs some warm-up as you can see on the picture.


All is going quite well and we are really looking forward to the end of the recordings.
It will be really great to finally listen to the results of our work!


Dawn of Disease

Monday, 16 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 15 – Guitars finished!

Hey DoD-maniacs!

Olli and Lukas finished all guitar tracks!
Today the last overdubs and solos were finished.

Guitars on fire!

Together with Jörg we figured out some nice melodies and solos and now the recording of instruments is over.
From now on there are only some vocals left.
Tomorrow will be a day-off and on Wednesday Tomasz will continue to contribute his brutal death metal voice to the album.

Stay tuned!

Cheeeeerz and beeeeerz,

Dawn of Disease

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 14 - Recording first vocals

Today we recorded the first vocals.
After some tests Tomasz started recording the first tracks.
It sounds really great and evil! And it perfectly goes with the songs!

Nice music stand!

On monday, which is already tomorrow, Olli and Lukas will record the last overdubs and solos.

We are good in time and if all wents well we will be finished with everything at the end of the week.

So do not miss to follow our blog!


Dawn of Disease

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Studi Blog Day 13 - Recording the bass

Hello from the Soundlodge!

On this Saturday we recorded the bass.
Within only a half day Michael recorded all bass tracks.
That is simply unimaginable and by this he gets the award "fastest track recorder"!
Fast - faster - Michael, he really did a great job.

Michael the machine!

Tomorrow we will start recording the vocals. Tomasz is already preparing like mad to finish the album with his killer death metal voice!

So do not miss to follow our blog!


Dawn of Disease

Friday, 13 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 12- Overdubs and first solos

Today we made some of the last overdubs and started with the solos.
The material really starts to become a well-sounding form!

Tomorrow on saturday our bassplayer Michael will record the bass and on sunday Tomasz starts with the vocals.

Hungry as we were we ate some nice meat. Of course with some hot chili sauce. It was really tasty!


Moreover we recorded some guestvocals by a female vocalist. ;-D
Who of you knows that person on the picture?


Dawn of Disease

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 11 - Second Guitar

This morning Olli arrived to record his guitar parts.
He directly started and did a very good job.

He finished seven songs in just one day! That is really amazing.
And of course it sounds absolutely great!

After the recordings we filled our fridge with the most important things and right now we are relaxing, drinking some beer and preparing the next songs for tomorrow.

Stay tuned!


Dawn of Disease

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 10 - Recording some overdubs

The 10th day of Dawn of Disease being in Soundlodge Studio is over!
Today Lukas recorded some overdubs and melodies.

Unfortunately Olli will not arrive this evening but tomorrow morning.
Nevertheless he will surely totally shred and play like a god!

In addition our bassplayer Michael is already preparing to record his tracks on saturday.
By the way he has a brand new guitar. Check it out ;-D

We are very excited how it will sound like with all the second guitar tracks!


Dawn of Disease

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 9 – First guitar tracks finished!

Hell Yeah!

The first guitar tracks are now finished!
Lukas did the remaining six songs today and all went quite well.
Tomorrow there will be some additions to the guitar parts like melodies and other stuff.

Guitarist Lukas

After this it’s Ollis turn. He will arrive tomorrow evening and starts recording on Thursday.
The sound of the songs is already very murderous and Ollis guitar will increase this!
We are very much looking forward to present the album to you!


Dawn of Disease

Monday, 9 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 8 – First guitar recordings

... and on the 8th day the guitars shall be brutal without mercy!

Hey everyone!

Today Lukas recorded the first five guitar tracks.
Already right now it sounds really amazing. The guitar sound kicks ass, the drums really kill and recording our album has not ended yet! We are having a great time over here!

By the way we have a show announced!
We gonna play a headliner show at the Hate Embraced Record-Release Show in Bastard Club in our headquarter Osnabrück. In this so called Ultimate Hate Night we will burn down the Bastard’s Bar Stage together with Hate Embraced, Nailed To Obscurity and Islay.
Day of doom is 17th February 2012.

Here is the flyer
Be there and bang you head!


Dawn of Disease

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 5 - 7 - Soundcheck for guitars and editing drumtracks

Yesterday evening we returned to Soundlodge Studio for some hours to do the guitar soundcheck.
We built up everything we had in order to have a big variety of sound options.

What an accumulation of amps!

After trying out some combinations we finally figured out the best sound.
We will use an Engl Fireball 100 in combination with a Mesa box and a Peavey 6505 with a Marshall 1960 box.

Here are some pictures:

The mighty Fireball

Peavey 6505

So as you might have realized we are just using pure Death Metal tube sound, no Sansamp, no effects, no digital bullshit!

We promise to deliver a goddamn neckbreaking guitar sound!
You better be prepared!!!


Today and tomorrow Jörg will be occupied with editing the drumtracks and on monday Lukas will come to record the first guitar sessions.
We are looking forward to it!

Enjoy the weekend! Our blog will be continued on monday.


Dawn of Disease

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 4 - Drumtracks finished!

Some minutes ago we finished recording the drumtracks.
Mathias did the last four songs today.

Now we are getting prepared to record the guitars.

Jörg at wörk

We loaded in the drumset and will drive home in some minutes but tomorrow we will return and make a soundcheck for the guitars.
We will provide you with a mothertrucking Death fucking Metal murder guitar sound from hell!

And on monday Lukas will return to record the first guitar tracks.

Some impressions from today.

Troo gangztaz from hell

The three cavemen finally invented LIGHT!

See you guys!

- Dawn of Disease

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Recording “Crypts Of The Unrotten” – Blog Day 3

Today was the third day of recording our forthcoming album “Crypts Of The Unrotten”.
We started with a Death Metal breakfast and went on recording the first track.

Whiskey and decoration

 It all went quite well and we managed to finish the drums of another four songs.
Mathias really did an amazing job. He recorded more than 8 hours with nearly no break!
What an animal!

After a meat-filled dinner we are now relaxing, having a drink or two and preparing some songs for tomorrow.



Dawn of Disease

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Dawn of Disease at Soundlodge Studio – Blog Day 1+2

Hey everyone!

We entered the Soundlodge Studio right now in order to record our new album which will be released in early summer this year.

The title is

Crypts Of The Unrotten

Yesterday our drummer Mathias entered the Soundlodge as the first one of us.
After preparing the drumset he already made a soundcheck together with our producer Jörg Uken to safeguard a Death fucking Metal drumsound!

Today guitarist Lukas, who is actually writing right now, joined Mathias in order to support him. We already finished the first three drum tracks today. 

Here are some impressions:

Mathias and Drumset

Drumset and Apple

Lukas and Holland-Flag