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Monday, 27 June 2011

Back from the mud!

Hey everyone!
We are back from the Death Feast and here is a short report for you:

At about 9 o’clock in the morning we met at our rehearsal room in order to pick up our equipment. Then we started our journey to Hünxe where the Death Feast took place.
The weather was quite good but during our travel on the highway it went worse and worse. It was raining like mad which really sucked. But nevertheless we hoped that it would get better until we arrive.

Unfortunately it did not and the whole location was turning into a huge pit of mud. But that did not worsen our mood because we wanted to play a real kick-ass death metal show regardless of the wheather.
Shortly after our arrival we took a look at the area and ate a small snack. In addition we made some promotion for our show by giving flyer to people and hanging up some poster. Our stagetime was at 3.30 pm and we decided to relax a bit in the backstage tent. However the relaxation was interrupted very soon as we got to know that Resistance, who had to play right before us, cancelled their show. So while By Brute Force were playing their show we had to prepare to go on stage earlier than scheduled.

Fastly we loaded out our equipment and prepared for the show. Sadly there was no opportunity to tell everyone that our stage slot changed so we expected that there would be not that many people in front of the stage. But somehow we were mistaking. As we started our show more and more people came and watched us. It must at least have been 300 or more, which is, regarding the heavy rain, a huge number. We really appreciate that and would like to thank everyone who was that brave to come to our show! Horns up!

The show itself was really great and it was very amusing to see some people wrestling in the mud-pit in front of the stage. It would be really interesting to know how they became clean again, surely the rain did its work.
After the show we talked to some fans who told us that the sound in front of the stage was quite marvellous. That was good to hear.

We fetched us some nice cold beer in order to moisten our dry throats and hungry as we always are, we went to the festival ground and ate a small snack again. Furthermore we met some of our mates from Lay Down Rotten, who were visiting the festival. Some minutes later also members of Sudden Death and The Splatter And Gore Department appeared to chat some few words with us.

Later we looked for some merchandise and also talked to some of our fans. At 6 o’clock in the evening it was dinner time. We sat down in the backstage tent and ate some really delicious food. Afterwards we decided to drive home because the weather was not getting better.
About one and a half hours later we arrived at Osnabrück, put our equipment in the rehearsal room and talked a bit about the day.

In conclusion we can say, that despite the weather we had much fun at the Death Feast, which is mainly due to all of our fans whom the rain could not bother and who gave us good feedback during and after the show. You rule! Thanks to everyone of you!

Some photos will follow in the next days! 

- Lukas, Dawn of Disease

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