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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cover artwork, tracklist and release date revealed!

Taken from Facebook:

Dawn of Disease reveal cover artwork and tracklist of the new album!

More brutal, more details, more melodic and much more aggressive…

Germany´s death metal institution Dawn of Disease will put out their second album in April this year. The new (Sweden) Death Metal bulldozer has been named „Crytps of the Unrotten“ and features all the strong trademarks the band is known for, and more. Compared to their last effort „Legends of Brutality“ the new album is much stronger in the wake of songwriting, melodies and also its production, which was done once again in Soundlodge Studio with Jörg Uken (God Dethroned, Dew-Scented, Sinister…).

„After recording our debut album in Soundlodge it was clear to us to go there again, since we had been very happy with how it turned out the first time. Jörg is a great guy and this time we had much more time to record and all than last time.“ DAWN OF DISEASE

The concept behind the record are the huge crypts on Sicily, near Palermo, where hundreds of mummies lie buried.

„Our guitar player Lukas „dug up“ the topic and the atmosphere as well as the stories around all those „Crypts“ have both fascinated and influenced us as a band. It´s the main theme of the album and also refers to it unmistakable in the album title.“ DAWN OF DISEASE

Dawn of Disease were originally founded in the end of 2003. One year later the MCD "Through Bloodstained Eyes", which was sold out after a short time, was released via Unstoppable Media. The Swedish sound is a huge influence on the quintet. Dawn Of Disease are able to combine subliminal melodies with extreme hardness. Rapid blastbeats, pounding doublebasses and a perfect interaction of the guitars conglomerate to a killing mixture. The vocals, that are between dark growlings, aggressive screams and in-your-face shoutings complete the songs.

On April 27 the brutal monster that is „Crypts of the Unrotten“ will be unleashed as a limited digi pak with bonus track! Equipped with a killer production their highly aggressive death metal will plunge right in your face!

“Death Metal powerhouse with killer production and Swedish influence!” EMP

Tracklist „Crypts of the Unrotten“:

1. Descent Into Another World (Intro)
2. Alone With The Dead
3. Knife vs Flesh
4. The Unrotten
5. Skinless And Impaled
6. Enter The Gates
7. Calcined Bones
8. Catacombs
9. Final Resurrection
10. Devouring Obscurity
11. But Death Goes On
12. Soulless Shape (bonus track)

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