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Monday, 9 January 2012

Studio Blog Day 8 – First guitar recordings

... and on the 8th day the guitars shall be brutal without mercy!

Hey everyone!

Today Lukas recorded the first five guitar tracks.
Already right now it sounds really amazing. The guitar sound kicks ass, the drums really kill and recording our album has not ended yet! We are having a great time over here!

By the way we have a show announced!
We gonna play a headliner show at the Hate Embraced Record-Release Show in Bastard Club in our headquarter Osnabrück. In this so called Ultimate Hate Night we will burn down the Bastard’s Bar Stage together with Hate Embraced, Nailed To Obscurity and Islay.
Day of doom is 17th February 2012.

Here is the flyer
Be there and bang you head!


Dawn of Disease

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