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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

News from the Death Metal machine!

Hey everyone!

We just finished our last open air show for this year. The Turock Open Air really was a great experience. All was quite well: the show, the other bands, the beer and of course our death metal maniac fans! Thanks to all of you who came out!

Right now we are intensely working on the new album which we will record in January next year. We already have about 8 songs which vary from extreme death metal neckbreakers to more melodic and ass-kicking songs.
Be prepared for a killer album!!!

Beside working on the new album we are getting everything ready for the oncoming Hatefest tour in order to present you a good show. From 2nd to 18th December we will enter the clubs in Germany and central Europe.

For further information check out the official Hatefest appetizer:

Hopefully you are already hungry for an extreme Death-/Black Metal Package!

See you on the road!

Lukas, Dawn of Disease

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